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otus, so named for the Latin word which captures an expression of motion, passion and inspiration, is a team of business development specialists focused on jumping into the heart of business strategy and becoming the fuel that gets your business where you want it to be.

We work with a broad range of independent healthcare organizations, including family practitioners, dentists, surgeons, specialists, alternative providers, veterinarians, and more. It seems healthcare providers everywhere have ideas and desires to grow their practice to the next level. Motus can help you bring these concepts to life by offering an effective combination of business acumen, strategy, practical experience, training, and support.

Meet the Your Business Guidance Team

Andrew BE and Christina Reddin each have significant experience working with growth companies and knowledge of how to help firms achieve their business development goals. Combining their individual specialties and talents, they have created a tightly-woven service offering which includes personal growth, emotional-skill development, strategic planning, business modeling, design, client value propositions, finance, technology, marketing, and brand development.

Motus founders Andrew BE and Christina Reddin

Andrew BE, MBA

Andrew BE is an entrepreneur with a passion for helping businesses evolve and bloom. He has been consulting with clients for 16 years in the areas of strategic growth, marketing, training, and business plan development. Andrew has founded several of his own successful businesses, including a wilderness school, a technology company and an Internet business development firm. Andrew has a Masters Degree in Business Administration and is active in the community as a Freemason and Shriner. As an outdoor enthusiast, he spends most of his free time on a trail, waist-deep in a creek with a fly rod, racing sailboats, or soaring a paraglider high over the mountains. Andrew is passionately curious, a self-admitted perfectionist and talented at several things; basketball is not one of them.

Christina Reddin, MBA

Christina loves spreadsheets and business plans and is happy to tell you how the world is a better place because of them. She is best known in the startup community for her term as the Executive Director of the Business Incubator Center in Grand Junction, Colorado, as well as her multiple terms serving on the St. Mary’s Regional Medical Center Board of Directors and the Hilltop Community Resources Board. Her national consulting work has encompassed private firms, non-profits, and government agencies. Christina has a BA in Economics from Georgetown University and an MBA from Cornell University. When not helping organizations excel, she spends her time outside with her two children, most often sailing or camping. Christina is smart, driven, creative and hard-working, but thinks she will likely never be a spelling bee champion.

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