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ith over 25-years of combined consulting experience, Motus founders Andrew BE and Christina Reddin are highly qualified and experienced with providing strategic business guidance.

But in their years of consulting, both discovered a constant truism: Guidance is only as effective as it is implemented.

Unlike other traditional consulting groups, Motus provides their clients with training and leadership support to ensure that guidance and strategy manifest into tangible and effective changes.

We do this by working with our clients to group our actions into three key areas:

1: What do you do best?
As a healthcare provider, you have spent decades perfecting your skill-set.

Providing exceptional patient-care is fundamental to a practice’s success and we want this to continue without distracting you with the burden of duties and responsibilities that would require too much of your time to perfect.

2: How can your practice improve with training?

Much of our research and analysis will reveal ways that both the practitioners and staff can improve the performance of the practice with training and guidance provided by Motus. This is where the bulk of our work takes place.

3: What responsibilities should we manage?
Learning to manage certain tasks would detract from the performance of the practice by diverting the practitioners and staff away from what they do best. This is where Motus provides direct management support to ensure theses duties are executed effectively with the years of experience we bring into the equation.

I have worked with business consultants in various capacities in the past. I have learned helpful bits and pieces along the way. Often, I had an experience of mostly dazzle and little substance. I would leave a seminar or meeting excited only to realize I had been left with little tangible skill to apply. Motus is different. Their help in developing business plans for my counseling practice culminated in a virtual step by step how to guide – each step very well thought out, thoroughly researched, and meticulously explained. I was guided through each step so completely that executing the steps is simple. Andrew and Christina provide me with direct, honest, impeccable service with no fluff and no filler. In my opinion, Motus is the best in the business.
- Family Therapist

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