Healthcare Staffing & Operations

It’s time to get the
right team on the field.


otus provides assistance with the hiring, assessment, and development of your staff in order to build a team that is pleasure to work with and functions beautifully.

We will analyze labor costs and job functions to ensure efficient delivery of care without ever losing sight of the fact that your reputation and brand are highly dependent on the numerous interactions—both casual and formal—that patients have with your staff.

Motus is particularly skilled at understanding these dynamics and helping to improve interactions at all levels. We will help you to become a truly effective leader of a high-functioning team.

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Beyond Healthcare Consulting

Research + Analysis + Reporting + Training + Management Support = Tangible Results

Brand Development & Marketing

Gaining marketshare and enhancing your professional reputation is more important today than ever before.

Patient-centered Care

Creating exceptional value for patients is always the overarching goal of health care.

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